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Jennifer Connelly, Sketch by AsBlackAsCoal Jennifer Connelly, Sketch by AsBlackAsCoal
I was watching this movie the other day, called Dark City i think :s i cant really remember, but it was pretty crap ahaha, and really wierd, but it had Jennifer Connelly in it. And Ive always like her, ever since I saw The Labrynthe. In fact i had a litlle crush on her ahahaha, i must of been like 12 or 13?? I dunno, its been a while, but yh. In that movie I watched, it just reminded me that she is actually very pretty. She is a really hot woman, though shes older now. So yh, I saw this really cool picture of her, and it was one of those pictures you see and think: I have to draw that!! But I wasnt really in the sort of mood to draw. Ive been stressing out recently, so I did this little skecth. It took like 10 minutes, if that. I would like to go back and maybe draw her again one day. Who knows. Im sure I will. For my comic im drawing, Ive based the main female character of her. Well, she slightly resembles Jennifer Connelly lol. Im not that good at drawing portraits, they never seem to look like who they're suppossed to. Oh well, practice makes perfect.. Hope you enjoy!!
Saskeni Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahah i heard ya , i watched Phenomena , Labyrinth and Dark city too for her , Dark city wasnt so bad , i think its just the ending that ruined it a little
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